My first meeting with regina

I have heard about this Eve spa in Kuala Lumpur for a sometime. It was popular with a young Malay girl before and it was always full every day, so I never thought about trying to grab it.

I’ve been half-paying attention to this spa, and I’ve seen the girl’s photos, but I don’t have any urge to try it. Until this month of the game, I went to try new stores just to get a chance to get free dick.

I looked at the advertising signs in the group and looked through FR. There were several candidates, and I finally decided on Regina.

When I went to the spa during my weekend of day, I found that the Eve Spa was very close to KLCC. I didn’t expect that my next visit to this area would be to visit the Eve Spa. I gave the hard earn money, and the girl came to pick me up and take me to the room.

As soon as I entered, I saw starry skylights shining on the ceiling. There was a long mirror on the bed.

The girl looked at me and I looked back at her. We both laughed awkwardly and then we took off our clothes and took a shower together. The details of the shower were average. I carried my little brother on my front and back, and then pinched my butt a few times. At this time, I was more daring to joke with the girl. Hahaha, I hugged her over and kissed her a few times.

After washing, she asked me to lie down and massaged me. Although it is very ordinary, it also has a relaxing effect. Then I turned around, and she leaned down and kissed me, from wet kiss to tongue kiss, there was no obstacle. She slowly licked my nipples, from left to right, and then went down to help me suck dick.

My little brother, who was half soft at the beginning, became hard after being sucked into her mouth. The blowjob is good, not deep, but the tongue is very comfortable. After a few minutes, she asked me: condom?

I said yes yes !! and asked her to lie down first. I then leaned down and kissed her, after all, she was very kissable Then I slowly licked her neck, shoulders, and then to her breasts. These young tits are just delicious.

My hands also slowly explored her water hole. This surprised me. I didn’t expect that her abalone would be quite moist just like that. Maybe my luck has been bad recently, so I was instantly moved when I saw an abalone like this.

I didn’t lick her abalone, I just fried the abalone with bananas, and then I put on the suit and got ready to do it. Wearing the girl’s own thin condom, it feels so cool to feel the temperature of her lower body!

After a few minutes of traditional thrusting, the girl’s moans were very nice and her breasts jiggled so much that I was excited, so I couldn’t hold back and delivered🏻‍♂️ I didn’t expect to ejaculate so quickly this time, and I was a little disappointed with my performance.

After cleaning the condom, we lay down and chatted. I said a few Malay words, which unexpectedly brought me closer to her. Hahaha, she couldn’t see her eyes when she smiled, but I thought it looked good.

After that I went to take a shower, got dressed and went out. Overall, this is my first time visiting the Eve Spa and my first-time meeting Regina. I am very happy and satisfied!

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