Unforgettable Experience in Kuala Lumpur Eve Spa

Eve Cafe and spa centre receptionist
This report is from my experience this past weekend! I just got a message from KL Eve Spa asking me when I was coming over because he had some great new girls there recently. So I dragged a friend of mine with me to the store. When I arrived at the Spa Centre with my friend, the familiar manager opened the door and let us in. My friend and I naturally took a seat and watched a netflix movie in the cafe section. Soon after, the manager came to my seat and recommended me to try out Ann from vietnam, and without a second thought, I agreed to try out Ann, and the girl came out to greet me, and she’s a real looker with a really nice body! She’s got a great body, both front and back! I followed her into the room. At first she told me to sit on a chair, and then she prepared the tools for digging my ears. Then she hung a light above my head like a doctor checking me out and Ann carefully took a cotton swab and dug the dirt inside my ear and cleaned it up and patted it down. She was very careful, and after Ann cleaned my ears, she trimmed and smoothed my nails. After my nails were trimmed by Ann, she took off my clothes and asked me to sit in the hair washing chair. She washed my hair and face carefully, and then put a cold mask on my face. She took off her clothes and showed me her elastic breasts. Seeing those white and smooth tits, my brother reacted immediately, and she laughed at me when she saw them. She took some wet paper and dried my body and my litte brother, and even cleaned my ass. She naturally climbed up and licked both sides of my tits, which felt itchy, but it was very refreshing and a bit indescribable. Then after a good night’s sleep, she then came up and began to lick and lick my nipples, licking and licking slowly down, she grabbed my hard brother with one hand and sucked it down, sucking and spitting on the little brother. I also stroked her body, one of my hands grabbed to her nipples, soft original milk, is good to grab and touch, and kept rubbing her tits, one hand slowly to her secret garden to see she did not resist, began to play with her sister. She also began a small gasping sound, not long to feel her sister wet through a little bit of lewd water out. Then she shifted the angle to continue to help my brother mouth, one side of the mouth, my hand touched her that body can stimulate my brother. At this time she should also feel my dick to her mouth to the excitement of jumping, she will make a fast oral work and then a few deep throat, finally I can not hold back to put the children and grandchildren of the sperm finally sprayed in her mouth! She rinsed her mouth first and then came over to help me clean up. Ann then filled up a bottle of water and washed and dried my feet. Then I put on my pants and was about to dry my hair myself but Ann was more than happy to blow dry my hair and put on a wax and hairspray to style my hair. It was a really nice experience like a wife serving her husband.

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