Olivia Laos Girl Review

Today, due to some adjustments at work, I have some free time, and the weather is gloomy and cold due to rainy day, so I opened KL Eve Spa Telegram cahnnel contact to inquire. In fact, I have been paying attention to everyone’s posts on the channel, so I already have some goals. The girl I have been paying attention to recently is Olivia new arrival from Laos. To be honest, if you just look at the photos, I really like it, but I’m just worried that it might be “cheating”. After asking, luckily Mimi was also free at this time, so she decisively determined the time and place and rushed away.
After arriving at the place, I checked the house number again with Captain. The place was fine and clean with sauna and cafe place for relaxing after my long distance from Klang to KL city centre. Captain said he would wait for her reply to open the door. I didn’t know that after waiting for ten minutes, there was still no news. I asked Captain and said that she was still eating and needed to wait. Seeing that time was a bit tight, I still waited inside the cafe and captain was serving me a cup of hot coffee and watching the big smart TV for a while.
After a few moment Olivia is Standing at the door, as soon as the door opened, I felt a little happy because she was not very different from the photo, but she had an 8/9-point resemblance. Although her face is covered with heavy makeup, she is indeed my boy’s cup of tea. After taking off her shoes, she went back to the room with her. When we got to the room, she motioned for me to take a shower first, and the younger brother took off his clothes and walked into the shower room to take a shower. At that time, I was thinking that I should wash it myself. Fortunately, she also walked in and took off her clothes in front of her younger brother, without wearing any underwear. This is when the little brother has started to react, because the picture is really beautiful, with an 8/9 face, fair body, and charming voice. The only drawback is that her breasts are not that big and her belly is a little bit small. But this is not a problem for me at all because I have a facial expression and short hair. (Although she doesn’t have short hair) To me, she can actually be considered a white tiger type.
We have also come to the point. She started to help me bathe, but my little brother was a little sensitive. When she started to touch him with her hand, he screamed accidentally. At that time, she was also scared and asked if she was very sensitive. When the younger brother looked at her face, he was even more shy than the younger brother and he was smiling. You can imagine how picturesque the scene is at this time. The younger brother didn’t care so much. He held her waist and kissed her cheek, but he could feel that she was ducking a little. After washing, the younger brother dried his body and lay on the bed waiting for her to take a shower.
The younger brother just closed his eyes and waited for her arrival. In a hazy state of half-asleep and half-awake, I felt that she was already well and lying next to her. The younger brother also opened his eyes and looked in that direction. Oh my god, this is her lying next door, holding a vape in her hand, taking a puff and spitting it out. At this time, I moved closer to her, smelling the faint fragrance and her beautiful face. Under the impact of this vision and smell, the little brother has slowly risen, and he is already ready to go even without using his mouth. Then she put down the vape in her hand and leaned towards her little brother to start blowing. When she noticed this scene, she asked me if I was so hard before I even started. Sorry, I have a sensitive constitution that is really hard to control. I nodded and looked at her. She smiled first and then started talking. As for the oral part, the best thing is that it is not just oral, but also looks at the younger brother from time to time. How can you bear this? The younger brother signaled that she could really get to the point.
After wearing the condom, we started with the female first. The younger brother just lay down and let her rock on top, but he still had some skills. I didn’t know why I shook it for a while, but I felt I couldn’t bear it anymore, so I told her to stop. She was very surprised and thought something had happened. I was explaining that she was a bit sensitive and could she switch to a regular missionary. Of course she agreed after smiling shyly. The difference between a female top and a missionary is the angle from which the younger brother looks at her. As a missionary, I overlook her entire figure. The white body and her natural moans really make the younger brother unable to stop. Her moans will not be very deliberate, but will be accompanied by the point where the younger brother is thrusting, and the wonderful moans will be heard in the younger brother’s ears. What a pleasure it is. The only drawback is that the bed frame also makes a squeaking sound. I’m really worried about disturbing the people next door. After all, the people living next door are here. But seeing that she was enjoying it, the younger brother didn’t care and kept sprinting. Sometimes slowly, sometimes quickly, the younger brother grasped the rhythm and picked her up. The younger brother had heard before that kissing was not allowed, so he simply stuck his tongue into her ear, and felt her body soften as if numb. She didn’t refuse her brother and continued. Her moans also changed. Her ears must be one of her sensitive areas. After sprinting for a while, the younger brother put her back on the bed, originally thinking of changing positions, but forget it. Watching her from the front, she accelerated her horse’s galloping speed, and finally gave up her arms happily. The younger brother lay down, and she lay beside him. At this time, the only sound of our breathing was in the room. After a while, she started cleaning up the rest of the work. While she was helping her little brother clean up, she suddenly smiled. When her little brother asked her what was wrong, she kept smiling without saying anything. After lying down for a while, I put on my clothes and gave her to the family. After giving her a hug, she helped me send her away.
After we have finished she send me out and was asking me do you need any drink ? I felt a bit shy after the seasion with her, I just said NO ! and i tell her i would come back again once i have leisure time for my work,i feel so satisfied and walking down from there. END….

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