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Finally I got a bonus from my boss during this 2024 Chinese New Year, so I usually go two to four times a month, so I decided to let myself go this time. Go enough at once. This time I decided to try a beauty spa that I had never been to before. So I asked my friend if he wanted to go together and contacted the Spa manager I name him as “SKY” to choose a Sunday noon. I couldn’t wait to go to this exciting place that day. 
When I arrived at the Spa at level 1 as usual Mr.Sky welcome me a drink and give me a seat inside the cafe, this time I selected Malay girl name  Adira he higly recommended me although she is not really my type of nasi lemak but she has a very good smiling and good impression on me,who impressed me at first sight. Especially her charming eyes deeply attracted me. She came over and took me into the room. As soon as I entered the room, Adira started trimming my nails, shaving and taking care of my ears. Her nail trimming and shaving skills are quite good, but her ear-picking skills seem to need to be improved, because she used a little force during the ear-picking process, which made my ears feel uncomfortable. 
Then, Adira asked me to take off my clothes, lie on the bed, and began to perform head and facial care on me, including washing my hair, face, applying facial mask, and even cleaning my private parts. She was very professional throughout the entire care process 
Then, entering the most important stage, Adira first licked and sucked my nipples from left to right, and then started to mouth and BJ my cock. She first swirled around my faucet, and then licked the outside. She was the best at BJ skill. After BJ we have our sex service, I came out very fast today because her skill on BJ realy impressed me a lot ! 
Finally, she massaged their feet and then they all got dressed and said goodbye. The overall experience is very good, the oral sex is great, all members friends may wish to give it a try. 

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