Customer FR review on Vietnamese June

During the Chinese new year I haven’t been back to my hometown for a while recently, so I happened to come over downtown chow kit Eve Spa & Cafe to look for a girl after finishing my personal things. Then I chose a new girl name June as recommended by the Captain.  
Went upstairs and entered the room I paid the money to her for only RM285 and she is return me balance of RM15 then i said its ok the balance u keep it as tips.June asked me to wait for her in the Chinese she had just learned. She went to get towels and sheets, laid them out, continued chatting for a few words, then each took off their clothes, and then went into the shower room. She would boil the water, test the water temperature, and then ask me if the water temperature was okay. After saying it was OK, she started to flush the water for me, and then gently helped me clean my body. She would also squat down and help me brush my legs. After rinsing my mouth with mouthwash, I went out to dry myself. When she came out, I handed her a towel to wipe herself with. 
I lay down while she dried her body. After she finished it, she asked me if I wanted a massage. I just didn’t want it. I would decide whether I wanted a massage or not based on what the situation was like afterwards. She climbed on top of me, kissed me a few times and started teasing my nipples. She also helped me with B2B a few times and then gave me a blowjob. Overall, the service was good in all aspects. 
Then she asked her to lie down while I helped her serve her, kiss her, suck her breasts, and taste her pussy. After all the combinations were displayed, I asked her to help me put on a condom and get ready for sex. The man penetrated her from the upper position. After adjusting the angle, he accelerated the penetration. However, he would get tired easily after drinking a little wine, so he let her ride up and rock her. 
Her riding skills were pretty good, but maybe I was too late at night, and she started to get tired. After riding for a while, I tried to pick her up and bring her to the train. Maybe she felt a little sluggish after drinking, but Suri was still there. He followed me very cooperatively and continued to change several positions, put down the man on top, then continued the doggy style, Guanyin position, and the missionary position before finally ejaculating. 
She helped me clean up, and first she leaned against me to chat and rest. She would also practice Chinese and communicate with me. When she was almost done, she asked me again if I wanted a massage. After I said yes, she went to get the oil. She applied it on my back and started massaging. The position was good, but the strength was relatively small, but it was still very comfortable and relaxing. I closed my eyes and took a nap while she was pressing. 
When she was done pressing it, I relaxed. When I got up, I took a shower with her, then went down to drink the hot tea and chit chat with the Captain water she poured for me.

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