Review Moment with Escort Nana

Nana at KL Eve Spa
Every time I come to the KL Eve Spa, I will never be disappointed. Meeting this girl today is truly a rare opportunity. I went to find her a bit like opening a blind box, because the information the captain gave me was that she was only 22 years old. However, due to the temptation of curiosity and lust, I still made an appointment. Looking back now, it’s really good to have an appointment because it was really a great time.
When the young lady came out to pick me up, she didn’t say a word, but as soon as I saw these young girls, I became interested and followed her into the room silently. It turns out that the lady doesn’t speak English well, so she is relatively quiet. It seems that I just used a few Vietnamese words that I cheated to make my little sister laugh. The result was really good. Just saying sincao made her eyes light up and she was very happy. 
I have been fantasizing about her taking off her clothes. she massaged my body and shoulder and also massaged my head. Of course, she is just a little sister, and her massage skills are like those of a child, but I also enjoy it.
After she had done everything on my body, she turned around and sucked my small little dick. She first wiped it with a wet paper towel, then wiped the area around the dick before starting to work. After her skillful manipulation, both my head and head were awake. She walked over to me and took off her clothes. When she took off her skirt, I was looking forward to it, but she actually left a pair of flesh-colored panties still on. She started giving me tongue kisses directly, which shocked me a bit. It seemed that my little sister’s SOP was pretty good.
After such a kiss, my hands became unruly and I directly reached out to touch her body. It seems that the body of an 22-year-old is really tender and smooth. She then licked my breasts a few more times and then went straight to blowing. Although her blowjob was immature, she was still good at blowing with a small mouth like mine. But it was difficult for me to touch her body, but she seemed to know what I was thinking, and she came over again. Just lean your body towards me and I can touch it.
Of course the first thing I had to do was take off those damn panties. As a result, she saw me pull my underwear a few times and then took it off by herself. This way I can put my hand directly into my little sister’s pussy. Oh, it’s already wet, the warm humidity is nice. I keep thinking in my heart that it’s a pity that I can’t go into the water…arrrrr… 
Conlusion of my review and story here,hope next time i still manage to try her again…

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